Nada Celesta
September, 24th 1998
with dark eye bags
and thousands of expressions

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Started blogging since 2011, so pardon my alay-writings in the past, I just tried to follow the trend tho...

Sangat bebal masalah musik, kapanpun ada orang yang merekomendasikan lagu tanpa kuminta pasti langsung aku tolak mentah-mentah. Seminggu kemudian lagu itu membuatku jatuh cinta.

I sing a lot. You can find me singing in every situation.

Classic rock, pop, and even Bollywood movie's soundtracks. You can find me listening to those music genres.

You can find me ng-gabut looking for wifi and staring at my untouched homeworks,
or crying towards life problems because I'm so baper thx.

thank you for reading my blog posts!

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